Faced with devastating barriers to education, employment, and independence, many Middle Eastern young people desperately need hope. SAT-7’s impactful youth programs are pointing them to Jesus Christ – and the everlasting hope found in Him.

Today, young people aged 15–29 make up more of the Middle East and North Africa than ever before. This globally-connected generation has so much potential.

But the region’s lack of quality education and crippling youth unemployment rate are holding young people back. Many are feeling hopeless, which makes them less likely to make positive contributions to society, and more vulnerable to radicalisation.

Growing up amid conflict and violence, young people of all backgrounds are also questioning the beliefs they were taught and searching for new meaning.


Holding out Christ’s love and hope to these struggling, questioning young people is Q&A in the Christian Faith, a new show on SAT-7 ARABIC.

This short, to-the-point program explains the truth about Jesus, addressing questions commonly asked by seekers as well as by young Christians grappling with doubts. Topics include “Is Jesus God?” and “Is the Bible inspired by God?”

The questions are answered by Coptic Orthodox priest Father Bishoy Helmy, in five-minute clips that can be easily shared on social media.

Similar SAT-7 ARABIC programs feature church leaders from different denominations, so the channel supports viewers from all traditions.


Q&A in the Christian Faith joins a host of other SAT-7 programs that show Jesus to young people across the region.

The SAT-7 PARS show Forbidden Questions follows a similar format but speaks especially to young Christians who feel they have nowhere to turn with their doubts. It encourages viewers to seek answers as a part of getting to know God better.

Moe Pooladfar, Producer of Forbidden Questions, explains:

“We are paving the way for young people to start asking questions – in their families, in their churches, in their small groups. For them to stop letting their doubts take over and instead search for the truth. As the Word of God tells us, the truth will set them free.”

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