In a culture where voicing opinions, and expressing personal difficulties, is considered a sign of weakness, I Want to Talk offers women a platform to speak openly about their struggles, and be strengthened through a Christian perspective.

Dr. Nevine Hannah

SAT-7 ARABIC’s new women’s program I Want to Talk focuses on underprivileged women of lower socio-economic strata. Their testimonies and unique struggles are creatively presented in a short drama depicting each woman’s story. Following the drama, Presenter Dr Nevine Hannah, and guest experts engage in a discussion, offering valuable insights about each situation.

The first episode of I Want to Talk featured the story of a woman devastated over her husband’s adultery. After 10 years of marriage, the woman’s life was turned upside down after discovering that her husband was unfaithful to her. Privy to this she had no clues that could lead to suspicion of his adultery, other than his prolonged absences from home.

After the woman confronted her husband, he admitted to having an affair but felt no remorse. The woman expressed her pain saying “I feel like I’m walking on moving water, like I am naked in public and people are looking at me. How did this happen to me?”

Guest speaker Mariam Joseph commented: “He either had the tendency for adultery in him from his background or culture, or she didn’t give him enough attention, which pushed him to this.”

“This is not an excuse for adultery,” argued guest Amira Saeed. “He should have discussed it with his wife if he felt she wasn’t giving him enough attention.”

Phoebe Naguib, the third guest speaker added: “there must have been differences between them that led to this. They must have lacked in communication with each other.”

Presenter Dr Nevine Hannah approached the issue with a Christian perspective by adding: “Couples need the word of God to be a guide for their feelings to detect where things are going wrong. Couples need to open channels of communication to express their opinions and expectations.”

Guest speaker Amira Saeed concluded by expressing that there cannot be reconciliation between the couple without forgiveness. “She needs to forgive him first and try to forget in order to have a new life with him. It will be difficult for her to forget but she must try.”

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