A SAT-7 TÜRK team are currently in Moldova filming a brand-new documentary. Producer Bora Taştan shares how the feature is aiming to change the perception that Christianity is a foreign faith.

The Gagauzian region (red) is in the south of Moldova

“Taking into consideration the sensitivities of the society we live in, we want to express that Turks can be Christians,” says Taştan.

“By filming the Gagauzian Church and its society, we want to show our audiences that Christianity isn’t scary. We want to show that the Christian faith has roots in this part of the region that go way back”


Gagauzia is a small nation of approximately 250,000 people, mostly living in the southern regions of Moldova. The Gagauz people are ethnic Turks. They embraced Orthodox Christianity and have persevered it for centuries, even through the immense pressure faced during the Ottoman Empire. Most Gagauzes, alongside Greeks and Bulgarians, were forcibly resettled in 1922 from Turkey and spread throughout the Balkans. Yet, they did not lose faith.

“We want to dispel the idea that people abandon their heritage if they are Christians,” explains Taştan.


Turkey has a rich Christian heritage stretching back to the Early Church. Today, only around 150,000 people out of Turkey’s almost 80 million population are Christians.

The SAT-7 TÜRK crew are currently on the road filming the new documentary which will be released in 2019

Programs on SAT-7 TÜRK are designed to provide a clear presentation of the Christian faith. The channel aims to teach, train, and encourage the often isolated groups of believers across the country, helping them grow and strengthen in their faith. This new documentary is an essential addition to the resources available to Turkish-speaking audiences.

“There are no quality media products available in this country on this subject. If a quality production is made, both in terms of content and technique, SAT-7 will pioneer the way for a better understanding of this important subject.”

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