SAT-7’s new channel, SAT-7 ACADEMY, aims to engage and entertain children through the program Fun Farm, offering a fun approach to educating children about health, nutrition and much more.

Watching television is still an essential activity for many children under the age of 8 in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Not only in the long hours of summer but also after school hours. Research shows that television continues to be watched by children of all age groups almost every day. The television set also continues to be the device most likely to be cited by younger children as the one they would miss the most if it was taken away.*


At this critical age, children learn and absorb a lot of information from their surroundings. This is why it is important for SAT-7’s channels to provide programming that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Thus, making their few hours of television viewing both beneficial and fun.

Fun Farm is a children’s program that involves many attractive segments for SAT-7’s young viewers. The program is set on a farm, and every episode of Fun Farm is enriched with entertaining and beneficial information. Each episode aims to teach children about the benefits of a particular food item and its uses. It also features segments such as exercising, storytelling, arts and crafts, as well as music and dancing. Fun Farm’s Presenter engages with the viewers through social media where children send videos of themselves performing any form of art they prefer. There’s always a question at the end of each episode and children can send their answers to the program. Winners of the competition receive presents.


On one such episode of Fun Farm, children were taught about the benefits and uses of mint for health, and as an ingredient in different food. Special advice was given to children about the importance of not picking up any random plants or weeds from the road, lest they be dangerous or poisonous. The presenter then told a story about a surviving mint plant on a farm during winter, and how it grew from a single small plant into a big and thick one full of leaves. Through this story, children learned how to turn difficult circumstances into opportunities for growth.

The episode then continued with a segment on how to make the Greek tzatziki dip with mint, and a second segment on decorating mint ice-cream. Then the presenter asked viewers to send in their answers to the question: what climate is best for growing mint? The winner received a gift.




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