SAT-7 PARS Presenter, Miltan Danil, was a drug addict and gang member in Iran for ten years before a miraculous encounter with God radically changed his life. Now, his story is bringing hope to thousands in Iran and beyond.

Drug addiction is becoming an increasing problem across Iran and Afghanistan, and both countries are listed as having some of the highest numbers of opiate addicts per capita in the world (1). Communities have been devastated by war and conflict, economies are struggling, and unemployment is high. With the pressures of life intensifying, many are turning to drugs as an escape. Miltan can relate to this because he has personal experience of desperation and addiction.


Estranged from his family and feeling completely alone at the age of 15, Miltan turned to drugs and alcohol to numb his emotional pain. By the age of 17, he was heavily addicted to heroin, had joined a criminal gang, and was living on the streets. 

A decade later, Miltan was still living as an addict. But his brother’s claim that Jesus could save and heal him gave him hope. One day, when suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms, Miltan called out to Jesus for help. At that moment his physical symptoms disappeared, and he was miraculously healed from his heroin addiction. After this life-changing experience, Miltan went on a journey of emotional healing and restoration, forgiveness, and reconciling with his family.


Today, Miltan is a Pastor of a church in the UK and the presenter of SAT-7 PARS program Principles of Faith. This live show addresses the basics of Christianity and the Bible, and viewers can call in and ask questions. Many viewers are also impacted by Miltan’s personal story, which he shares openly. He has received many messages from viewers who have been encouraged and affected by his story.

One viewer from Iran writes: “A couple of years ago, after losing my job, I started using opium. I was surfing the channels and came across your program. I heard Pastor Miltan talk about his previous addiction and how he got saved. He said, ‘God loves you —the drug addicts’. This was new to me. I met Christ in a dream and vision. He gave me inner peace and I got free from the bondage of addiction.”

Miltan keeps regular contact with SAT-7 PARS viewers who reach out to him for support and advice. “Once you come from that terrible experience, you just want to help people,” he explains.

The issues that Miltan has overcome give him a unique opportunity to speak into the lives of many who are struggling with addiction, and it’s changing lives. “Thank God that I can serve thousands and thousands of Farsi speakers via SAT-7 PARS.”

1 – United Nations World Drug Report 2017

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