Four Ways We Are So Much More

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26

How much more are SAT-7 programs?

Our programs uplift our audience of 21 million through four unique roles:

  1. As Equalizers–For viewers like Magdy and one young woman, programs like Needle and New Thread have become equalizers. Both viewers live with depression in a society that tells them that they should not feel depressed. Consequently, subjects such as mental health are taboo. Yet Needle and New Thread, a live women’s program, dedicated an episode to discussing the topic of mental health, pointing to what God says rather than what society tells us. Read their stories here.
  1. As Friends–When Salma became a Christian 8 years ago, her life was changed forever. Yet, so was her relationship with her friends and family. Upon finding out her new found faith, her family isolated and abused her. She felt alone until she found SAT-7. Through SAT-7, she has come to forgive her family as she continues to learn from us, her friends.
  1. As Family–Living in the world, but not of it, can be difficult. Especially in the Middle East where being a Christian can mean going without fellowship. For parents it can be particularly difficult. Yet, SAT-7 children’s programs offer a safe place for children to learn Christian values and Bible lessons. For Sarah, it is a life changer as her children grow-up with SAT-7 as a close family member, raising them in the knowledge of Jesus. Read how SAT-7 has become like family to Sarah and her children.
  1. As Encouragers–Recent events in Yemen, Iraq and Syria have left millions in desperate situations. Without basic necessities children are left feeling forgotten and hopeless. Many are forced to grow up before they should, in order to cope with what they’ve seen. But SAT-7 children’s programs help to restore their childhood. Children like Asaad and Nahed, who both escaped the violence of ISIS by fleeing, are encouraged by lessons of peace and hope. Read how SAT-7 is an encourager to children left without hope.

Thank you for helping to be equalizers, friends, family and encouragers to individuals and households desperate for hope and love. Together, we are opening hearts up to Christ. We are showing the people of the Middle East and North Africa the love God has for us all.

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