Four seconds can mean the difference between life and death, according to SAT-7 TÜRK’s Self Defence. This new social impact program will educate women on how to defend themselves from abuse.

SAT-7 TÜRK is taking action to teach women self defence techniques through its new program Self Defence. In this program, Turkish women will be able to learn the basics of Krav Maha, an Israeli military fighting technique developed specifically for self-defence.

The program will have a rule of four seconds – four seconds to escape a dangerous situation.

Government surveys conducted in Turkey have revealed that in 2016, 328 women were murdered by male family members.

In 2017, this number rose to 409.

In the last ten years, 2337 women were murdered.


These shocking numbers represent only women who lost their lives. The number of women who face mental and physical abuse every day is not known. Unfortunately, women in Turkey face different forms of abuse in every aspect of their lives. At home, in their work place, on the streets, and even on buses.

An anonymous SAT-7 TÜRK viewer has highlighted the problem;

“I have been watching your show for the last month. I particularly love your talks about violence women are subjected to. In our country violence against women exists because people aren’t educated enough on the matter.”

Trainers Met and Eli discuss the importance of learning self defence techniques on the set of SAT-7 TÜRK’s new show, Self Defence.

“Can three men force a woman into a car?”

This is the question Can Yazırlıoğlu, Producer for SAT-7 TÜRK, asked me in our interview. Was it a trick question? The obvious answer was ‘yes’…

However, according to Can, there are many ways for a woman to avoid being forced into a car. All they need is four seconds and basic self defence techniques.

The program Self Defence will highlight the problems women face and will actively educate them on how to defend themselves from abuse.


The program also targets men, not to assign blame but to educate them. Without necessarily intending to, men in Turkey can restrict the social lives of women.  In response, Self Defence aims to educate them on the social boundaries that will help women feel safe.


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