SAT-7 is excited to announce that Lebanon, Our Story, has begun filming its original drama series, For Your Eyes Only, which will be broadcast exclusively on SAT-7. The drama series fuses the reality of life in Lebanon with fictional fantasy elements.

Lebanon is a country in need of a new narrative. After years of economic troubles, social hardship, and large-scale calamities like the Beirut blast in 2020, its people need a new aspiration and vision for the future that unites its diverse groups. The For Your Eyes Only drama aims to be that story.

Set on the lively streets of Lebanon, the drama centres on Dr Edwards, a healer and protector who remains loyal to his people in the face of unfolding crises. The narrative also features a human story that reveals the true power of love in a dark and difficult world. From young adults seeking thrilling adventures to older generations longing for nostalgic storytelling, this series – which provides a close-up view of the resilience and resolve of the Lebanese people – promises to captivate viewers of all ages.

Executive Director of SAT-7’s Lebanon office, Maroun Bou Rached, said, “I am filled with deep pride in having the opportunity to be a part of this remarkable project, and I am privileged to have viewed the extraordinary talent of the actors involved in this project, many of whom I have admired throughout my life. It has been a truly inspiring journey.”

An inspiring journey it may have been, but not without its obstacles. A television production from conception to fruition can be long and emotionally exhausting at the best of times, but the team behind For Your Eyes Only endured an exceptional setback when Mr Marwan Najjar, one of the project’s main driving forces, passed away during the development phase.

It is with Marwan in mind that the team is pushing on towards the finishing line. With filming due to take place between June and September, there is plenty to prepare, including a marketing campaign to promote the release of the series.

Lebanon, Our Story is a three-year project that uses storytelling to enable diverse Lebanese youth, including displaced Syrians, to contribute to a shared narrative of hope that drives social cohesion and provides an impetus for meaningful civic engagement. Read more about the project here.

Earlier this year, the project published an anthology written by youth through its Storytelling Clubs, which operated as on-the-ground spaces facilitating creative explorations of a new national narrative. Each story in the book was shared by a young person in Lebanon, in their own words, showing how their own stories intersected with those of others who are different. The drama series builds on the book’s momentum and content. Download your copy of the book here.

The project is funded by The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by SAT-7 in partnership with the Lebanese Bible Society and Humanship.  It is supported through The Centre for Church-based Development (CKU) and SAT-7’s Danish partner, the Danish Bible Society (DBS).

Hopes are high for For Your Eyes Only. Let us pray it raises hopes in Lebanon, too.

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