“Hosam*, a young Moroccan, wrote to tell us how his search for the faith and values to build his life on began to be answered when he became a regular viewer of a SAT-7 KIDS show, Assanabel News.
He says, “when I turned 13 and before getting to know SAT-7, I was lost, couldn’t find either the right place or the right religion to settle on”. He was searching seriously but confused by the multiplicity of answers on offer. “I had been long listening to religious stories from different sources, here and there,” he said, but “Everyone says what he wants and what is suitable to him”.

One day, while looking for something to watch on TV, he came across SAT-7’s Assanabel, a programme of short news reports by children and other young presenters. Before the end, he saw KIDS Director and presenter Rita Elmounayer reading something he didn’t fully understand. He said: “I did not know what it was about, but through my steady follow-up of Assanabel, I began to understand little things of what she said.” The decisive step came when he “tried myself to apply it and… prayed!”

“One of the nights, I did so from the bottom of my heart and wished (during my prayer) to find the right way and not to stay lost.

“In the morning, the following day, you won’t believe what happened to me. I was so happy full of life and energy, and this is what is now happening to me every day. When I feel down or in distress I pray to Jesus and immediately experience comfort. Since then, I try to obey Jesus in everything,” Hosam says.

Please pray for Hosam, asking that he will continue to grow in understanding and in following Christ in a country with only a small number of indigenous believers, who mostly pray alone or worship together secretly. Pray for the influence of SAT-7’s broadcasts to North Africa, including its KIDS channel, which is popular with teens and adults as well as with children.

*Name has been changed.


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