For Emin, the Seeker

Have you ever felt like you have no hope? Have you ever been desperate for answers?

In the Middle East and North Africa, people are searching for answers. Some are appalled by the atrocities of ISIS; others disillusioned with corrupt regimes. More are depressed because they live in poverty and cannot provide for their families, or cannot afford to get married and start a family. Millions are enslaved to addictions and desperate for freedom. In a region which saw a series of “Arab Spring” uprisings and where half the population is under 25, many young people are no longer willing to accept automatically the teachings and rules given by their religious leaders.

So they start searching, even if they do not know what they are looking for.

Naturally, they turn on the TV looking for answers, to unwind at the end of the day, or just to escape their surroundings. Moreover, millions are finding SAT-7. There are SAT-7 programs designed especially for seekers, sceptics, and new believers to learn about the Bible – many for the first time.

Emin*, a Turkish man, tells us “When I began to research religions, I started to watch your channel. I watch all your programs, and I have learned so much information about Christianity. Your Footnotes of History program told about the history of Christianity and I am very interested in it.”

Christians are such a small minority in Turkey that the majority of Turks have false ideas about who Christ is. Many have never even met a Christian! If Emin decides to follow Christ, he will likely feel isolated as a believer. In a country of almost 80 million people, the number of churches has shrunken to just 341However, Emin will have a fellowship of believers within SAT-7 and can contact a SAT-7 Audience Relations Department for prayer and counselling.

Far from dismissing people’s doubts and questions, SAT-7 recognises that there is often a cry for Truth. SAT-7 is answering this cry by providing increased apologetics programming. An earlier SAT-7 series, 360 Degrees, had the tagline “helping believers to think and thinkers to believe”. The series presented arguments for faith and countered the view that religion and science are enemies. A new series called The Accuser (“El Mikfarati”) is named after a term used for someone who dismisses others as “unbelievers”. This series confronts head on the questions and concerns levelled by those from the majority faith who are widely taught that Christians worship three gods, have a corrupted Bible, and commit sin in worshipping Jesus as the Son of God. The Accuser considers these criticisms in the respectful way that SAT-7 always relates to other faiths.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

Thank you for your prayers and donations. They are making a difference as God speaks to seekers through SAT-7! Please continue to pray for seekers like Emin and support the ministry of SAT-7 as you are able.

1 Gatestone Institute

*Names changed for security reasons


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