Reverend Guli Francis Dehqani will be consecrated at the end of November, making her the first Iranian woman to ever become a bishop. She was recently interviewed on SAT-7 PARS popular women’s show Insiders.

In a live interview with Insider’s presenter Tarlan Tayeban, Rev Guli explained how becoming a bishop had never before crossed her mind. Legislation allowing women to be ordained bishops in England was only approved in 2014, enabling female priests to be promoted to the Church’s most senior role. Rev Guli will be consecrated as the Bishop of Loughborough, UK later this year.


When asked for her thoughts on women in leadership and ministry, Rev Guli urged women not to allow other people to undermine them.

“I think women are often told that their only role is in the house. But we have to remind ourselves that God a plan for each one of us, and we have to give ear to His voice and stay close to Him. If we have a willing heart to work for Him, there is always a way.”

Rev Guli was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy for her thesis “Religious feminism in an age of empire: CMS women missionaries in Iran, 1869–1934” and is an adviser for Women’s Ministry since 2012 providing support to ordained women

This incredible, successful, and accomplished woman sharing her encouraging message with the ladies who watch SAT-7 PARS is a means to empower them and support them in living successful and fruitful lives.


Rev Guli followed in her father’s footsteps; Bishop Hassan Barnaba Dehqani-Tafti was the first Persian Anglican Bishop of Iran since the seventh century. Rev Guli previously was interviewed by Pastor Miltan Danil on SAT-7 PARS live program Principles of Faith and was asked to share her story.

She recalls waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of gunfire as armed men broke into her home in Iran. They were intent on killing her father. Bishop Dehqani-Tafti was shot at four times. Miraculously, the bullets did not hit him. His wife took a bullet to her hand to protect him, but he and the rest of the family were otherwise unharmed.

Less than a year later, Rev Guli’s then 24-year-old brother was assassinated by Iranian government agents. The family then decided to flee Iran and settled in the UK. Rev Guli’s father continued working as an assistant Bishop and led the diocese of Iran in exile.

Despite these traumatic experiences, Rev Guli pressed on and kept seeking God. She implores others to do the same.

“I send my regards to all Iranian women who have made a significant to Iranian history. I really do hope that one day I will be able to return to see and serve them inside of my country,” she said.

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