An Iraqi viewer shares how SAT-7 KIDS has comforted him throughout his life. He wants to thank you, our supporters, for continuing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Looking back, Martin says, “We grew up in war. There is no other reality for people under 35. It has become the norm for how people live.” Martin and his siblings used to escape the darkness surrounding them by watching SAT-7 programs.

Early episodes of the Lebanese show Asanabel transported their minds to a different place. “We fell in love with the characters,” Martin says. “Rita [the presenter] once replied to my letter. I cannot express the joy I felt.” After all these years, he still holds onto the card that Rita mailed him.

Leaving Iraq

In time, it became too dangerous for Martin to continue living in Iraq. In 2006, he left and sought safety in the United States. At 15 years old, he was lonely and far from family.  Watching familiar SAT-7 episodes again gave him solace.

18 months ago, Martin requested episodes of Asanabel to be sent to him. He says, “Whenever I get homesick, I just pull those out. I don’t think SAT-7 could have known they would impact so many kids in rural northern Iraq. A 10-minute skit on Asanabel will really bless someone’s life 10 or 15 years down the line. I’ve lived it.”

 A message to you

Martin also has a special message to SAT-7 supporters: “You are not just supporting a television station. To know there is someone thousands of miles away caring for you is so powerful. You’re investing time in the lives of little children who are joining this Body of Christ and making it one family. You’re investing in tomorrow’s church leaders.”


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