When Pedram* found out the tragic news that his sister in Iran had been shot and killed by an armed robber, he found himself depressed and living in constant fear.

The Middle East currently has one of the highest suicide and homicide rates in the World. This is perhaps due to increasing economic pressures, high unemployment rates, and escalating political conflicts. But for Pedram, the numbers became much more than statistics. They became his reality.

He says, “My sister was only twenty-seven years old when a burglar shot her in a jewellery shop. I wept and grieved by her grave for forty days. I experienced deep depression and fear.” Fear of losing his loved ones made Pedram lose sight of the God he had come to know a few years ago. That is until he came across SAT-7.


After watching program after program on SAT-7 PARS, Pedram felt compelled to contact our team. He had never talked about his battle with depression, and it was beginning to take its toll. “I decided to contact you and, after our conversation, I felt at peace; like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders.”

Before his talk with our Audience Relations team, Pedram felt like he couldn’t share his struggles with anyone. “I wasn’t able to open up to anyone about this—I just wasn’t that comfortable.”

Now, Pedram has been set free. “I made a promise to myself, to cooperate with the Lord to become more mentally and emotionally healed. He broke the chains holding my hands and feet. I feel that I have been set free.”


Our Audience Relations teams talk to hundreds of people like Pedram every day, encouraging those who are facing difficulties to trust in God. When many are troubled by the conflict and chaos in the world around them, SAT-7 is bringing God’s message of peace and healing to people’s homes across Iran and the Middle East.

Pray that SAT-7 would continue to have a positive impact in this troubled region and that many more would come to know God’s peace in 2018.  Please consider supporting SAT-7 so we can help more people like Pedram, and continue our mission of making God’s love visible to those across the Middle East and North Africa.

*Name has been changed for security purposes. 

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