“Nothing in the world could bring me any joy,” says Ladan*, a SAT-7 PARS viewer from Iran, as she shares her radical testimony. “I chased everything you can imagine, but instead of finding peace I found myself drowning in darkness.”

Ladan was born to her father’s second wife who was twenty years his junior. Ladan grew up in an environment filled with hatred and conflict, resulting at least in part from the struggle between two women competing for a husband’s affections.


“I stayed with my extended family a month at a time,” says Ladan. “I preferred to be with relatives rather than at home.”

Ladan lacked love, attention, and discipline from both parents. After leaving for University she tried to fill the vacuum by seeking affection from the men she met. She got into boyfriends, parties, and drugs, and came to know a man who supported her financially. She got into divination initially for fun, and then more seriously as a source of income.


Ladan’s assessment is blunt: “By this time, I was wrecked. I was depressed and on medication. I longed for death to take me, yet I feared suicide as I knew there is a God.”

Then, she ran into an old friend from primary school who told Ladan about Jesus and gave her a Bible.

Ladan explains what happened next: “As I read the Bible it brought me peace. I read the New Testament in a few days and I noticed that I was beginning to change and told my friend that I wanted to commit myself to Christ. She asked me to wait and watch some programs on Christian networks like SAT-7 PARS. After about two weeks I gave myself to Christ. The Lord restored my life, and I was able to forgive my mother.”


After embracing faith in Jesus, Ladan threw out her tablets, quit smoking, and has never looked back: “My life has changed, and I now see His nature and beauty and I give thanks to the Lord.”

Ladan began to actively reach many others with the Gospel to help them come to faith and visited churches to encourage believers.

This did not remain unnoticed, Ladan shares: “I was arrested and spent 10 days in solitary confinement, but whilst there the Lord met me. I was granted conditional release. I give thanks to the Lord for the transformation He has brought about and for the new life He has granted me.”

* Name has been changed to protect identity, photo is for illustrative purposes.

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