The popular worship show Family of Jesus is transforming children’s lives with its message of love and inclusion. On a recent trip, the SAT-7 KIDS team brought life-giving worship to those who need it most – isolated children starved of love and peace.

When the Family of Jesus team recently returned from Aswan, Presenter Mina Awny was full of compassion for the children he met in the Egyptian city.

“They wanted to be hugged literally all the time,” he says. “They had missed out on being loved.”


Although a popular tourist destination, Aswan is very remote, lying almost 900km south of Cairo in a region often described as neglected. Adults often have very little education, and even many churches can provide only minimal family support.

As a result, some parents are raising their children the same way they were brought up – in an atmosphere of fear and violence.

“The children are impoverished on many levels: economic, educational, and spiritual,” Mina explains. “They are deprived of a rich life of praise and worship with the Lord. They are hungry for love.”

Family of Jesus Presenter, Mina Awny, with children at the worship event in Aswan, Egypt.

Meeting these deep needs lay at the heart of the trip to Aswan, where the Family of Jesus team held a special children’s worship session hosted by the ministry Voice of a Generation.

Around 300 children aged 8-13 gathered for the encouraging event, along with 200 adults. Since church leaders rarely visit the region, this was a precious opportunity for the children from Aswan and nearby Kom Ombo.

The theme of the songs and teaching was ‘The heavens are open and listening’.

“We wanted to show the children that heaven is not far away – that they can lift up their hearts to God in prayer and He will answer them,” Mina explains.


From the beginning, the event was filled with joy. “The children were so happy,” Mina says. “They joined in all the worship meetings and the prayer sessions we held in the evening.”

Afterwards, the team divided up to pray with the children in small groups.

“This helped the children open up,” Mina recalls. “They shared their personal stories openly and without fear. They wanted to feel loved and included.”


Although the event was not broadcast on Family of Jesus, several children from Aswan called in live during the first episode after the visit.

Their words showed that the love they received had stayed with them.

“I enjoyed the worship session very much, especially the prayers and the praise. I felt I could hear Jesus’ voice,” said 10-year-old Blessy.

One young boy sent Mina a mobile video, in which he says:

“I love Family of Jesus very much. I attended the spiritual conference and benefited a lot. I got to meet them and talk to them. My life has changed a lot for the better since then.”


The trip was one of several made by the popular show in recent months.

“We love to go outside the studio because we get in direct contact with the children,” says Mina. “It helps show us that they are receiving the message we are presenting.”

And, he says, joy is written on the faces of the children they meet. “It is easy to tell how involved they are in the praise.”


In November, the show broadcast a special episode from Assiut, where a large auditorium filled with the beautiful sound of 800 children singing to Jesus.

Even the parents standing at the back were involved in the lively worship. “God’s doing a great thing,” says Mina. “Whole families were in one place, hearing the same message.”

“This is what heaven will be like,” he adds.

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