Family finds healing in Christ, father thanks SAT-7

Pascale and Najwa, married SAT-7 viewers from Lebanon, shared their faith story live on the program Spiritual Evening. Before Pascale encountered Jesus through SAT-7, he was filled with anger and hopelessness and his marriage to Najwa was on the brink. Now, he is transformed – and so is their marriage and family life.

“I want to thank SAT-7 ARABIC because it helped me learn about Christ and led me to salvation. SAT-7 helped me through the program Spiritual Evening, and I follow other programs and sermons too. They helped me learn to have love and compassion,”

`                                   – Pascale, a viewer from Lebanon who appeared on SAT-7 ARABIC

The family appeared together on the show

When Pascale first began watching the worship and testimony program Spiritual Evening, his marriage to his wife Najwa was falling apart. “I felt lost. My son hated me and avoided me at home when I returned from work. All trust between me and my wife was gone,” Pascale says on the program.

Najwa, sitting beside him, agrees. “I hated my husband and my life because we always fought. Our neighbours ran to my screams when we fought. I wanted a divorce. I even thought of committing suicide,” she says. Deciding to divorce, Najwa and Pascale led separate lives for six months, but could not find any comfort apart.

But when Pascale came to know Jesus after watching SAT-7, he and Najwa joined a local Christian group led by Tony Franjieh, who presents Spiritual Evening. Since then, their perspectives have changed, and their marriage has been restored through forgiveness, acceptance, and respect for one another.

Seven-year-old Hady shares how his family’s lives have changed on Spiritual Evening

“When we started reading the Bible together, we felt peace, love, and compassion and learned to forgive each other,” Pascale says. Now, the couple pray as a family and set an example to their seven-year-old son, Hady.

“I read and finished my Bible. Now we have peace in our house, and we pray all the time, before we eat and before we sleep.” Hady says.

The couple appeared on an episode titled “Brotherly Love”, in which presenter Tony Franjieh explains how loving Christ involves loving and accommodating the other.

“When you feel you cannot tolerate a person in your life and want them to change, remember that they aren’t the one who is supposed to change – it is you who must be filled with love for them, through the Holy Spirit,” he says.

Stories such as Pascale and Najwa’s are important to share in the Middle East and North Africa, where the pressures of economic crisis, conflict, and the pandemic are pushing more families to their limit. It is crucial to support these families so that children like Hady can find peace, and their parents can be strong role models for them at home.

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