SAT-7’s new five-year strategic plan lays out an ambitious strategy for the ministry, as it seeks to impact and change the Middle East and North African region through its broadcasts. Chief Operations Officer (COO) Andrew Hart presented the detailed strategy at the SAT-7 NETWORK 2018 conference.

“When SAT-7 started 20 years ago, it was the right strategy, with the right technology at the right time. But times change – the way in which people consume video today is changing as well. For this reason, SAT-7 has conducted an analysis of the big factors that are affecting our viewers and laid out a five-year strategy to ensure that the ministry stays relevant to their needs,” says Hart.

  • Preparing for an on-demand future. The way people in the MENA watch television is continuing to evolve: SAT-7 will develop to offer new ways to watch its programming on-demand.
  • Launching high-definition broadcasts. As loyal viewership is increasingly driven by screen sizes and HD programming, SAT-7 will be focusing on increased quality of content and picture quality.
  • Capacity building. The ministry is invested in developing the existing team of committed Christian professionals, who live out SAT-7’s ethos and values and who are passionate about the Mission and Vision.

Dr Terence Ascott, SAT-7’s Founder and CEO, says these strategic plans will allow SAT-7 to seize the incredible opportunity at hand:

“Today 400 million people between Morocco and Afghanistan have a satellite dish at home. If we were important when we started in 1996 with two hours a week of broadcasting to a potential audience of a couple of million people, how much more relevant and influential are we today broadcasting 1000 hours a week over five different channels to such a huge audience? It’s a tremendous opportunity to make a difference.”


Many of the fundamental elements of SAT-7’s strategy remain in place and have not changed since the ministry was established, such as its vision and mission and the sensitive, holistic approach of its programming policy. Building from this strong foundation, SAT-7 has identified the pivotal issues it needs to address in order to remain relevant to the needs of its viewers and influential in the future.

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