Many SAT-7 viewers in Iran live with fears of arrest and betrayal. Yet their testimonies to God’s grace and goodness are an inspiration, says Hephzibah, who has translated many of their messages.

“Their messages are both heart-breaking and inspiring,” says Hephzibah, a US-based Iranian who has translated thousands of these messages into English for the benefit of non-Persian-speaking colleagues.

“I don’t think we understand the scale of the emotional pressures they face. But at the same time, there are wonderful testimonies that inspire and very much challenge my own life.”

Some reports suggest that Iranians are turning to Christ at a faster rate than at any time since the 7th century and are estimated to number up to a million believers.1 But they live with the constant risks of arrest and imprisonment, severe fines, and surveillance.

Behzad* wrote recently:

“Please pray for my brother and my sister. They have been summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security. I don’t know what to do. I’m also being watched.”

“There are a lot of security issues and fear,” Hephzibah says. “Trust is a huge issue, including whether to trust others who seem to be believers, so people feel lonely.”

But the act of restricting Christianity is actually having a reverse effect: “People are curious and want to understand this faith that they are not allowed to know,” Hephzibah explained.

Many SAT-7 PARS viewers get in touch with our Audience Relations team via the popular messaging app Telegram.

Yahya* told us how he called by a friend’s house and when he put on his satellite TV, by chance, a Christian programme came on. His friend was suspicious of the channel but Yahya was engrossed and persuaded his friend not to switch over. Yahya said he had been “in turmoil and weary of life” but that broadcast set him on a journey to Christ. Now a regular SAT-7 viewer, he thanks God that “ever since then my life has greatly changed”.

The message of a gracious God who loves us and longs to know us intimately contrasts starkly with what most people in the Persian world have been taught, Hephzibah says.

This is why SAT-7 PARS teaching shows, and the support provided by the audience response team, is so vital. “They don’t have mentors, people to call or speak to helping them to grow,” she explains.

A recent flood of requests tells of deep financial hardship. “There is no water, no electricity, no money to pay the rent. People are very tired; they feel despair,” one viewer wrote.

For many, the struggle to survive and loss of hope drives them to drug addiction. “We get a lot of requests from those who are addicted themselves,” Hephzibah says. “The pressure also increases cases of domestic violence, especially where one partner is not a believer.”


But there are many courageous, faithful believers. “I’ve been unemployed for six months,” wrote Mehrad*, but added, “In the last year I’ve shared the good news with hundreds of people who have repented and given their hearts to Christ. Please pray for this ministry.”

Despite all the struggles and dangers that SAT-7 PARS viewers face, Hephzibah says the faith of a true child of God shines through their requests. “At the end of two prayer requests I read today the writers added ‘But I know that God will take care of me.’

“You can see the Holy Spirit present in their lives,” she says, “You can see this is someone who has tasted the goodness of God.”


1Operation World: conservative estimates are over 100,000, optimistic estimates as high as a million

*Names changed for security purposes.

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