Surviving a terrible divorce and false accusations, Hatim*, a SAT-7 ARABIC viewer, found strength in God’s messages of hope and triumph through our programs. Now he is able to help and guide others and share the resources that SAT-7 provides for him.

Hatim, a 45-year-old viewer from Minya, Egypt contacted SAT-7 to share his joy for God’s faithfulness in his life, after enduring a particularly difficult divorce.

“God has done wonderful things in my life,” he shares. “He saved me from many things.”


Hatim’s first wife accused him of things he hadn’t done. “During that time, I was consoled by SAT-7’s programs and felt that God was speaking to me through them,” he shares. “I prayed a lot, and God intervened. The court verdict declared I was innocent of her false accusations and we divorced.”

Following this ordeal, God blessed Hatim with a second wife. “She is good to me and we have two boys. They love to watch SAT-7 KIDS and learn a lot from the different programs.”


“I am an avid viewer of SAT-7,” Hatim enthuses. “I have been watching this channel before some of the programs were available online, and I would request video tapes of the episodes, and SAT-7 would send them to me.”

Now Hatim is able to access SAT-7’s programs through satellite as well as the internet, and he often contacts SAT-7 for books which he enjoys reading and sharing with others.

“SAT-7’s programs and resources give me joy and consolation and this in turn helps me to help others and be there for them when they are in need.”


Hatim enjoys visiting other churches, connecting with believers, and sharing the books he receives from SAT-7. He is passionate about uniting people from different church backgrounds.

“Sometimes people from different denominations show ill treatment towards each other, just because they are from different churches,” explains Hatim. “We must pray for the Holy Spirit to come and fill their hearts and dispel hate and discrimination.”

By sharing these resources, Hatim hopes to build bridges and relationships with other believers. “They are happy to receive these books for free, and I like to connect with them.”

Hatim speaks of his love for God openly with others: “I would love for people to see God and taste His goodness just as I have. Nothing is better than being with Him.”

*Name has been changed for security reasons

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