Providing a unique window into pregnancy in Turkey, new SAT-7 TÜRK program The Miracle Within guides viewers through this life-changing physical and emotional journey. As it helps first-time parents, the show gives viewers insight into the lives, faith, and loving marriage of a couple from the country’s Christian minority.

SAT-7 TÜRK Producer Can Yazırlıoğlu and his wife Nora, a Presenter, are joyfully expecting their first child. Struck by the wonder of new life, the couple document the emotional and physical changes for a new program, The Miracle Within.

SAT-7 TÜRK Producer Can Yazırlıoğlu and his wife Nora

“When we heard our baby’s heartbeat, she was just two centimetres long. As she kept growing these past months, we kept marvelling at the miracle of pregnancy,” shares Can. Wanting to share this with viewers, Can and Nora began recording their experiences of hospital appointments and preparing the baby’s room, and sharing their research, their concerns, and the advice they received. “We hope our experiences will serve as an encouragement and a godly example to viewers who may also be expecting, or who hope to build a family one day,” says Nora.

Through intimate, simple production, the couple welcome Turkish viewers into their daily lives. With Can behind the single camera or phone, Nora speaks to viewers – and as young, first-time parents, they have a lot to learn and a lot to share. “Pregnancy is a stressful period, both for the mother and the father,” says Can. “Eight months ago, we could not have imagined the amount of worry and responsibility we would feel. We are doing so much research about how to lay a baby down, what to do when a baby vomits, and how to check a baby’s breathing at night.” As they address these common challenges and fears, the couple also invite viewers to pray with them, reminding them of God’s faithfulness during difficult times.

Additionally, Nora and Can have had to deal with fears related to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I have been indoors for three months,” Nora shares. “We had to be careful and had no clue as to how the situation would affect the pregnancy. It has been a very emotional, difficult, worrying period, especially as we did not have the direct physical support we would have had from friends and family. It has been very difficult being isolated.”

Naturally, The Miracle Within will be centred on Nora; however, the father’s role during pregnancy is not neglected. “Of course, pregnancy is a more intense time for a woman,” Can acknowledges. “She naturally needs a lot of support, but as men, we often don’t know how to provide that support or what we can do to lessen the stress. Marriage is about teamwork, so we will discuss how to support our partners during pregnancy and share roles within the household.” By showing this healthy approach to family life, the show will help empower other couples to find an equitable balance that is right for them – another important model to provide in a country where women often face barriers to equality.

Through all the stress and isolation they have faced, Can and Nora have overcome by leaning on Jesus. “We have security in Him,” says Can. “I can’t imagine how we would handle the worries and stress of pregnancy without this security. Without Jesus, people do not have His promises to rely on, or the Holy Spirit who can calm those fears. We know that we are under the wings of Christ.”

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