In times of turmoil parents are in desperate need of support to provide stability for their children. The SAT-7 KIDS program With Smyrna is helping women with practical parenting advice from a biblical point of view.

With Smyrna not only teaches parenting skills but also encourages intellectual and spiritual wellbeing that improves family relations. In its first season, the three-minute segment suggested practical steps for resolving day-to-day parenting issues. The second season, scheduled to air early 2017, will cover trauma-related topics particularly relevant to women affected by the conflicts in the region.

Why parenting skills?

“In view of the conditions in the region today, mothers and mothers-to-be are seeking greater intellectual, relational, and spiritual knowledge,” Presenter Smyrna Khalaf explains. “What better way to serve God than through educating, encouraging, and empoweringthese women for life’s most important job… parenting!”

Engaging viewers

With Smyrna encourages viewers not only to take in the advice the show offers but to respond with their own questions. In the first season, the program received a considerable number of responses from viewers who shared their questions in video clips.

“Our audience, especially women and mothers, arecommunicating their thoughts more often,” says Smyrna. “Women are enthusiastic about the tips givenon With Smyrna, describing them as practical and straight-to-the-point. Many viewers are not only watching the show on SAT-7 KIDS but also revisiting the episodes through the SAT-7 KIDS YouTube account.”

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