With half of the population in Turkey under 26 years old, the demands for internet accessibility is exponentially increasing. Between 2016 and 2017, households in Turkey with internet access rose to 80.7 percent.[1]

When was the last time you sat down in front of the television to wait for your program to begin? The way people consume television is continuing to evolve, and Turkey is no different. A rising number of Turkish viewers prefer watching TV on the internet.[2] People want instant connection and information available at their fingertips.


SAT-7 TÜRK recognises the potential of providing on-demand clips via social media, and has begun producing short programs to share on these platforms, including the popular series Let Me Tell You The Truth.

Here’s a recent episode of the program, addressing the topic of repentance:


Satellite television is still the best way for those in the MENA region who are illiterate to watch television and video content. They can understand what they’re watching at the click of a button without navigating webpages. However, Turkey’s literacy rates are comparatively high compared to other countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Turkey’s youth literacy rates are at an impressive 99.25 percent,[3] meaning youth can easily navigate online resources which tend to have quicker accessibility and are more interactive.

SAT-7 TÜRK’s Audience Relations Manager, Ümit Teymur, attests to the success of these short, easily digestible programs:

“Although we have had temporary shut-downs of our social media and websites, our viewer engagement is better than previous years and is still increasing.”


SAT‑7 is not just in the media business, it is in the business of changing lives. Social media is just one more exciting opportunity to share the love of God with viewers.

“Our specifically-designed programs for social media are attracting a great deal of interest from people of all backgrounds,” Teymur shares. “We hope that they will help young people discover God in a whole new way.”

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