This Easter, thousands across Iran will join Christians around the world in celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and celebrating the true hope it representsHowever, these believers are not able to worship freely or openly, and SAT-7 PARS plays a crucial role in encouraging them. 

Due to a lack of local and Persian-language resources, and the persecution they often face, many believers in Iran rely on Christian programs on satellite television for spiritual input and support.  

SAT-7 PARS is in a unique position to be able to share God’s message of hope inside Iran, broadcasting uncensored Christian programming directly into homes. Programs such as Heavenly Worship, a weekly live prayer and worship show, are particularly comforting to viewers who cannot attend church.  


Thousands of miles away, in London, SAT-7 PARS Presenter, Pastor Miltan Danil, is in constant contact with viewers in Iran. Without their own local pastor, many Persian-speakers reach out to him with questions about faith. 

Pastor Miltan presents popular live teaching shows Principles of Faith and Our Neighbourhood, but his contact with viewers goes far beyond the few hours he spends on screen. Miltan receives hundreds of messages a week via social media and messaging apps, and he is committed to reading and responding to every one. 

“Our viewers don’t have a church, and most don’t have a Bible,” Pastor Miltan explains. “Sometimes they are writing pages and pages…but it is good because they are sharing. I think they are really seeking hope.” 

Pastor Miltan, Presenter on popular live show Principles of Faith, talks to many viewers who call in to the show from Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Originally from Iran himself, with a powerful testimony of finding faith and overcoming drug addiction, Miltan is committed to going above and beyond to encourage viewers“I am trying to do my best for themEvery minister wants to do something for his or her own people, so I have a passion in my heart [for the viewers]. 

This Easter, as Persian-speaking believers remember the sacrifice that their Saviour made for them and the hope they have because of His resurrection, we pray it will inspire them to continue to persevere in their faith despite challenge and persecution. Please pray for Pastor Miltan, and all our staff at SAT-7, who seek to encourage and meet the needs of our viewers in the Middle East and North Africa.

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