For many Persian-speaking believers in Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, openly celebrating Easter is not an option. Doing so can expose them to persecutionTherefore, engaging with Christian programs on satellite television is invaluable at this time.  

In previous years, SAT-7 PARS has produced special programs to celebrate Easter and to provide teaching on its true meaning. Unfortunately, budget constraints have prevented the channel from producing an Easter special in 2019 


Pastor Miltan Danil, a Presenter on SAT-7 PARS programs Our Neighbourhood and Principles of Faith explains: Easter is the central event on which our faith is based. Easter programs are vital for new believers, enabling viewers to build a deeper understanding of the cross and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

In previous years, SAT-7 PARS has produced special programs for Easter such as the 8-episode series Growing Grass Among Stones. The aim of the show was to impart a deeper understanding of the resurrection of Christ.

Special programs have a positive impact on viewers, as evidenced by the nature of the engagement and response. Viewer numbers increase and many more people respond to special programs by sending messages and calling the shows.  

“Most viewers were delighted with the teaching we provided about Easter in previous years,” says Pastor Miltan. “They were keen to know more and to gain relevant biblical knowledge. I have witnessed many people come to Christ through past Easter specials.” 

 SAT-7 PARS would love to continue to produce impactful specials for important celebrations. Please consider donating today to enable the channel make such programs in the future.

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