A SAT-7 commissioned crew braved war-torn Syria to film a special Easter program. The faces of 300 refugee children beam with joy on the production, scheduled to broadcast on 24 March.

Kids from different religious backgrounds enjoyed a fun-packed day at the ‘Jesus the Light of the World’ Evangelical church in Damascus, Syria. The celebratory program ‘Give us our Childhood; Give us our Peace’ was filmed earlier this month.


According to SAT-7 ARABIC Programming Manager George Makeen, “The event is part of a series of ministry initiatives aiming to offer moral support to children displaced by the war in Syria.”

Organised together with local non-governmental organisation, ‘A Better Life for Syrian Kids’, the collaboration aims to bring smiles to children displaced by conflict in their country.


Children were thrilled to sing Easter songs and play games with the crew members. Kids also took turns acting out sketches about the resurrection of Christ, relating to the Syrian crisis. The crew then gave out gifts to the young refugees and the day concluded with a big meal for all in the church hall. The kids were delighted with their presents and grateful for the event coordinated by SAT-7.

“It is important to remind kids that they still have a voice, that their hopes and dreams can be fulfilled. Together we wish to show the world that the Christian church in the Middle East and North Africa perseveres in the face of conflict,” says Makeen.

The Easter special airs on SAT-7 ARABIC today (24 March) at 21:00 EST.