Faraj*, an Afghan viewer, recently reached out to SAT-7 PARS, with a testimony of hope and a desire to become a Christian. Sharing his experiences of living in a community surrounded by deception and conflict, where love is scarce and poverty and lack are all that is known, Faraj describes how his life was transformed through a special encounter in his dreams.

“About a month ago I was upset because my wife was ill,” explains Faraj, whose wife has a chronic heart condition. One night, feeling hopeless and sad, Faraj went to sleep.

“In my dream I saw a man wearing a white robe approaching me. He asked me what was going on and why I was upset,” Faraj says.

Speaking to the man in white, Faraj told him his struggles, including the financial burden of his wife’s heart condition and the inability to afford her necessary medications. The man in the dream reassured Faraj, saying, “Do not worry – I will provide everything.”

Shocked and confused, Faraj responded that he had no money to pay, to which the man replied, “I don’t want money – that which I will give you is completely free.”

Faraj asked if the man was a doctor, to which He replied, “I am the Healer. Give me your hand and come with me.”

This dream transformed Faraj’s heart and brought him to the Lord. “I have searched so much, and I have found the Lord who loves everyone and has become our Father and can heal all pains. It is with so much love that I have been renewed thanks to our exalted Lord Jesus Christ.”

“We had the privilege of sharing in Faraj’s joy and witnessing his newfound faith,” comments Ashraf, SAT-7 PARS’ Viewer Support Coordinator. “After giving his heart to the Lord, Faraj told us that he now wishes to be known only as a child of the Almighty God. Glory to the Lord for the transformative power of His love and the healing that can come through faith in Him.”

Give thanks that no matter where, how, or who, God is able to communicate His love to His children. Please pray for Faraj’s newfound hope in Christ and give thanks for God’s promise of provision in his struggles.

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