New SAT-7 KIDS Bible-teaching show With Zack uses engaging technology to communicate the Gospel to digitally–savvy young viewers.

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, teaching the Bible to a new generation of TV viewers requires a creative approach. This Autumn, SAT-7 KIDS will launch a first-of-its-kind storytelling show With Zack, which follows a bold new strategy.

The show is hosted by 14-year-old rising star Zack Dabbour. With the aid of advanced technology, Zack will tell stories from the Bible using animation.


The show’s technical set-up is a large part of what makes it so special. Instead of being recorded in a traditional studio, the program is filmed with a “green screen” background, which is later replaced with computer-generated images. This format enables Zack to tell the stories by interacting with animated graphics that appear around him, an approach designed to appeal to today’s children who are often greatly influenced by the use of such technology.

Zack is very excited about the show’s format. He said: “Viewers will definitely benefit from the show’s engaging and educational format. The animated graphics are the most interesting part – there’s a story playing behind me, and sometimes I move the objects around with my hands.”


Zack is the son of renowned SAT-7 ARABIC Presenter Dr Imed Dabbour. Zack has undergone professional training in drama and TV presenting, and With Zack marks his first appearance as a television host. Although With Zack is primarily a children’s program, it will also be helpful to older viewers, especially new believers who will benefit from its Biblical foundation. The first episode outlines the overall contents of the Bible, with subsequent episodes discussing Old Testament stories and characters. The program is mainly aimed at North African audiences, with North African Arabic being the main dialect spoken, but it will also be understood by, and relatable to, audiences in the rest of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

There is no doubting the young presenter’s passion for communicating his rich Biblical knowledge to his audience, especially to children. He says, “I try to interact with viewers and tell biblical stories in a fun way so that they will be eager to watch and learn more about God. I really want to share the Gospel with kids and families in the Arab world, so that they will believe in Jesus Christ.”

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