As the birthplace of Christianity, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has a rich Christian heritage, with many different denominations still active in the region. SAT-7 programming seeks to reflect all these denominations, and to show the unity of Christianity in all its diversity.

SAT-7’s audience in the MENA is varied – with viewers from Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical traditions, among others. SAT-7 is intentional about producing programs that represent different Christian traditions, and broadcasts live services from many different churches across the region.


Christians in the MENA are in a significant minority, making up just 5% of the region[1]. The church faces discrimination, persecution and many other challenges. It is important that believers refuse to be divided by differences but stand strong together in the unity that faith in Christ brings.

SAT-7’s diverse programming enables viewers to have the opportunity, some maybe for the first time, to see how those from different denominations express their faith. This can bring understanding, acceptance, and true fellowship and unity. In a SAT-7 viewer survey, many viewers said that SAT-7 programs had increased their understanding and acceptance of other denominations[2].


As well as being an avid viewer of SAT-7, Hatim, from Egypt, often contacts SAT-7 for books which he enjoys reading and sharing with others. He is passionate about uniting people from different church backgrounds.

“Sometimes people from different denominations show ill treatment towards each other, just because they are from different churches,” says Hatim. “We must pray for the Holy Spirit to come and fill their hearts and dispel hate and discrimination.”


This article is part of SAT-7’s Week of Prayer 2019 – Dare to Dream. Please join us in praying for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. Click here to access more resources and download our prayer guide.

[1] https://www.neweurope.eu/article/christianity-in-the-middle-east-threatened-with-extinction/

[2] 2017 SAT-7 viewer survey

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