Many Middle Eastern communities are reeling from years of conflict and political crisis. this upheaval is just what is visible. Inside, hearts are hurting, and emotions are in turmoil. This is a region crying out for the peace of Christ. But what difference does this peace make – and how does SAT-7 help viewers find it?

Syria’s protracted conflict grinds on. The man-made humanitarian crisis in Yemen, already unimaginable, deepens further. Christians worldwide must pray urgently for an end to violence.

But as bombs fall and human rights are trampled, why should SAT-7 viewers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) be concerned with spiritual peace?

Because the peace of Christ changes everything.


Again, and again, Middle Eastern Christians tell us that they feel at peace, even in the very worst situations. Hasti, a SAT-7 PARS viewer from Iran, shares:

“After the passing of my father and my 20-year-old brother, I was never happy and always had a lump in my throat. Now that I’m a believer, people ask me, ‘Have you found a treasure? Why are you this happy?’ I tell them, ‘Yes, I have. Come and taste it – it’s free!”


For viewers like Hasti, emotionally experiencing the peace of God can lighten the heaviest of loads. It makes room for hope when despair threatens, and it prevents the desperation that can lead to harmful decisions.

Whether it is through effective teaching, stirring worship, or the impact of an inspiring testimony, many viewers experience God’s peace through SAT-7.

“As I was watching your programs, the sign I was given from the Lord was inner peace and big, indescribable feelings of love,” says Jinan, a SAT-7 ARABIC viewer from Egypt.


Many programs also encourage viewers to find peace by sharing their worries.

Arad from Iran spoke to one of SAT-7’s telephone counsellors. “After we talked, he prayed for me,” he says. “I can’t describe it, but my whole being was filled with the presence and peace of the Holy Spirit.”

And thanks to SAT-7 KIDS, even the youngest believers know how to find peace.

“Heavenly Father, I thank You, for You are the Prince of Peace,” young Sandra prayed live on the channel. “I ask You to calm our fears in difficult circumstances. Come with overwhelming peace in us.”


As well as believers of all ages, God’s peace is working in those who have never experienced it, through SAT-7 programs. Pejman wrote to SAT-7 PARS, saying:

“I do not have a religious orientation, but I still watch your programs, because they are not forced and aggressive,” he says. “They give me peace of mind. It is wonderful that even in all this chaos … there is hope for people to grow spiritually.”


On an individual level, the peace of Christ is changing lives. But there is more.

As Pejman’s words show, SAT-7 shares God’s love in ways that are accessible to all. And when we offer peace with God, through Christ, to people who would harm the region – such as those who promote hatred, extremism, or inequality – we are helping to end violence and injustice.

For at the root of these issues are hearts empty of the peace of Christ.


Harun, a viewer from Turkey, says it best.

“I watch your channel, and you are helping people spiritually,” he wrote to SAT-7 TÜRK. “As long as there are people like you talking about peace and love, this chaos will end. I believe it.”


This article is part of SAT-7’s Week of Prayer 2019 – Dare to Dream. Please join us in praying for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. Click here to access more resources and download our prayer guide.

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