As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of SAT-7 KIDS, we look back at some of the remarkable stories that viewers have shared with us over the decade. Through various platforms, SAT-7 KIDS receives stories of viewers’ joys and struggles, and how the channel has helped to shape and transform their lives.

It still amazes us that SAT-7 KIDS receives testimonies not only from children and their parents but also from other adults across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Many of these people grew up watching SAT-7’s children’s programs but did not stop as they got older. Others discovered the channel in their adulthood, finding peace and connection with God through its simple messages.


One of the comments we hear most frequently from parents is that they feel their children are truly “safe” watching SAT-7 KIDS. Young viewers often share that the channel is their Sunday School because they have no access to a church or fellowship with other young Christians. Among the most heart-warming stories are those of viewers whose prayers have been answered after they received prayer from our presenters, other children appearing on programs, or our viewer support team.


Such testimonies show that SAT-7 KIDS not only broadcasts God’s love but also creates community and a sense of belonging. This is vital in a region where many Christians feel isolated, especially when feelings of loneliness at a young age can have life-long negative consequences.

As we look back in 10 years of SAT-7 KIDS, we must also look forward. It is imperative that we continue to help our young viewers know their Creator and to have faith that when they develop a relationship with Jesus, they will never be alone.


SAT-7 KIDS needs support from donors and partners to continue communicating God’s message of love in creative ways. If you feel moved to be a part of changing the future of the MENA and impacting, even more, Middle Easterners, we kindly ask for your support for the SAT-7 KIDS channel with a donation of any amount.

Join us in prayer and give thanks for God’s work in these precious lives, His provision for this ministry, and children across the region.

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