Many people in the Middle East may have little or no understanding of what Christians celebrate during Easter, or how it is relevant to our lives today. As a response, SAT-7 PARS has produced a new teaching series to connect its audience with the true meaning of Easter.

During Holy Week, Persian-speaking channel SAT-7 PARS will be broadcasting a new eight-part teaching series focused on the resurrection of Jesus, to be aired over eight consecutive days.

“Easter is one of the most important Christian celebrations, and we want to give our viewers more historical and theological information. We want to explain why Jesus came, why he had to die, and what happened after that,” explains Nader Taghizadeh, Producer of Growing Grass Among Stones.  “The name of the program refers to the way in which Jesus was able to thrive despite the difficulties and obstacles which surrounded him in his life on earth, and how he helps us do the same.”


“This program is especially relevant for people in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan where there are many misunderstandings about what Christians believe,” Taghizadeh continues. “New believers have limited access to Christian resources and they are in need of teaching programs like this one. We hope that this program will be a valuable source of information.”

From the set of Growing Grass Among Stones

Pastor Sharareh, the guest teacher on the show, explains what the historical events of Easter mean for us today, inviting viewers to consider how they will respond. The end of every episode features music videos of original worship songs written and performed by Iranian musician Darya, giving people opportunity to reflect on what they have heard.


Pastor Miltan, who presents the weekly SAT-7 PARS live show, Our Neighbourhood, intends to challenge his viewers over the Easter period.

“Our audience may know what Easter is about, but how have they responded? What impact does the resurrection of Jesus have on their daily lives, and how are they moving forward in their faith?” asks Pastor Miltan. “It might be a big challenge for our viewers, but I think they will consider it.”

Pastor Miltan will also lead Holy Communion, live on the show, and invite viewers to join in their own homes. This is significant, not just because it is Easter, but because many will not be able to attend such a service in their own country or language: “This is a chance for our audience to feel connected to the global Church.”

These programs, along with others that SAT-7 PARS will be broadcasting over the Easter period, provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the significance of Easter and encourage them to look beyond the surface of tradition.

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