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Turkey is home to almost 80 million people, yet only 0.2 percent of the population is Christian. Although some of the world’s first churches were formed here, many now have the perception that Christianity is a Western religion.


With so few Christians in Turkey, the Church is barely seen by the masses and needs a platform for its voice. By #connectingbelievers, SAT-7 TÜRK bridges the gap for isolated Christians and the broader community while making the Church visible to the region.

To help existing believers grow in their faith, SAT-7 TÜRK provides Christian resources in Turkish – particularly material produced from within Turkey – that are otherwise fairly limited. Believers need resources they can relate to and access on a daily basis. The channel is dedicated to #connectingbelievers with biblical teaching.


SAT-7 TÜRK is an incredible, unprecedented opportunity for Christians in Turkey to share God’s love to others in their country. It is the first and only Christian channel to be allowed to broadcast on the government-regulated satellite Türksat, meaning the channel has a potential audience of 55 million people.

Operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, SAT-7 TÜRK enables local Christians and churches to be visible within their country. Programming by and for the people of Turkey helps dispel misconceptions about Christianity and helps believers grow in their faith.

Getting on Türksat was just the beginning: we want to be one of the most watched channels in our country

– Executive Director, Melih Ekener


SAT-7 relies completely on the generous giving of people like you. Uncensored satellite TV is one of the most effective means of sharing Christ’s life-changing message to people who have never heard it, bringing biblical teaching to isolated believers, and encouraging the Church to remain steadfast in its witness to Jesus Christ. Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to keep broadcasting God’s love to the people of Turkey and continue #connectingbelievers for many years to come.

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