Following last year’s Christmas Stories episodes filmed on the rooftop of the SAT-7 Egypt Studios, this year SAT-7 ARABIC is broadcasting a second Christmas Stories special coming to us from Jordan. This Christmas special broadcast is focused on the needs of refugees residing in Jordan emphasizing the efforts of churches of various denominations reaching out to help them.

“Churches in Jordan are helping refugees because they believe that Jesus was a refugee himself as a child,” shares Rafik George, producer of the program.

This SAT-7 20-episode Christmas special was filmed in partnership with the Evangelical Nazarene Marka Church, and the St George Greek Melkite Catholic Church in Jordan. On each 6-9-minute episode various priests and pastors are interviewed from Jordan and Iraq, sharing stories from their churches.

On this piece of paper a refugee family requests tea and oil as a gift for Christmas.

One such story is of a special Christmas tree set up in St George Greek Melkite Catholic Church in Fuheis, Jordan. What makes this tree special is that instead of being adorned with shiny Christmas decorations, it is “decorated” with coloured pieces of paper. Needs of refugee families are written on each piece of paper and hung on the tree. Flour, milk, oil, and many other basic necessities. Every Sunday, members of the congregation go to the tree and pick a piece of paper. They purchase these items and deliver them to the priest of the church who then distributes these items to the refugees who need them.

On another Christmas Stories episode, the SAT-7 crew filmed a Christmas concert organised by the church for the Iraqi refugee children residing in Jordan. Around 50 refugee children, between the ages of 3-14, attended to enjoy the Christmas carols and cheer brought to them by the church.

“It is important for SAT-7 to show the efforts of the churches across the Middle East and North Africa. These guests want to share with the world their Christian life and their heritage. We want to share their stories so viewers in the Arab region and around the world can learn about Christians living in Jordan and be inspired to also help others in need,” explains Rafik George.

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