Two days after the explosion in Beirut, SAT-7 ARABIC shows believers sing and pray from a rooftop under the night sky, overlooking their devasted city. The special episode of From Heart to Heart sees presenters Marianne and Rawad Daou and guests share testimonies of survivors and help viewers lift their voices to God.

“Lord, today we come together from the beloved [city] that you know, Beirut. Lord, hearts are broken – but we know that our Father in Heaven loves us. He is always with us, holding our hand during good days and difficult days. You are God with us. Our faith is in You. You love us,” Marianne prays on the program.

Between heartfelt prayer and worship, Marianne, Rawad, and guest speakers share testimonies of survivors. Alan Khalil describes how a non-Christian friend praised Jesus for protecting his family during the explosion, saying:

“He kept saying ‘Oh Lord, Oh Lord!’ as he was digging out the piles of broken glass. Afterwards he checked the hospitals and found his family was not there and said, ‘Thank God, He saved our family!’ This was the first time in his life that he confessed, saying, ‘No science or reason could have saved my family – nothing except Jesus Christ!’ This was close to my heart,” Khalil continues.

Worship songs led by the B-Sharp Band include: “Beirut, call out to Jesus”; “Dress me in the heart of salvation”; and “God is near to those who call on Him”; reminding viewers that in times of distress and pain, God hears us when we lift our hearts to Him.

Praising God through the pain

Guest speaker Father Kabi Al-Awad assures viewers that what happened was not caused by God. “This is not the time for us to argue with one another. It is the time for the Church to play its role and be the light. There is only one who can save Lebanon, and that is Jesus.”

Reena, a young member of the B-Sharp Band, shares, “I was praying yesterday. There is no one who brings peace and hope but Jesus. Life can be extinguished in any moment, but there is eternal life with God. To all listening, let’s stop and pray together and for each other, and be positive together. God intervenes.”

Messages also pour in to the live program from viewers extending prayers for Lebanon and thanks for safety from the blast. “Peace in Christ to all Lebanon. God’s hand is on Lebanon. We thank God for His protection.”

Another message reads, “I’m happy despite the circumstances we’re passing through. God is among us. Your songs console us.”

Finding forgiveness

To support struggling viewers, fellow guest Father Touq shares, “If you don’t get angry, you are not [human]. But a grudge will destroy you and destroy others. It will tear down your family and your future. If you forgive, you will live in peace.”

Marianne asks Khalil, who has a remarkable testimony of forgiveness in his own life, to share his experience of overcoming after his mother was brutally murdered.

“Back then, I hated God,” he says. “I was doing everything [drugs], even morphine. The devil kept saying ‘Revenge, revenge!’ in my head. I cried out to God from my heart. No human power could help. I prayed, ‘Lord, you are over death; I want blessings to forgive the man who killed my mother.’ All of the evil that exists, Jesus’ goodness is greater.”

Before closing, the program receives a call from George Makeen, SAT-7 Arabic Channels Programming Director. “My heart is with you,” he says. “I’m so happy to see you wonderful young people helping us look at tomorrow in a different way. May [Lebanon] continue to be a lighthouse for the rest of the Middle East.”

As a trusted Middle East ministry, SAT-7’s role in standing with our viewers in their pain and distress is vitally important. From Heart to Heart has been supporting viewers, young and old, for several years. One viewer from Algeria messages to say, “We waited for this program to encourage our broken hearts. Many know Jesus from your program.”

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