SAT-7 shares Arabic educational resources online during lockdown

SAT-7 ACADEMY’s educational resources are being packaged and presented on YouTube for children currently out of school, primary care givers and education focused NGOs working on the ground that have had to suspend education activities due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7 CEO

“Our hope is that this online package, will be used widely to give vital on-going educational support to children across the Middle East and North Africa who are now out of school and to support NGOs in continuing their invaluable educational activities on the ground”, shared Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7’s CEO.

The online package will also include special programs on the COVID-19 pandemic created specifically to raise awareness, promote prevention and help alleviate stress in the home for children and their primary care givers as well as educational support.

For the last 5 years, SAT-7 ACADEMY programs specifically for children, parents and teachers have been produced and broadcast across the Middle East and North Africa. They have been supporting the continuing education and social development of millions of children from all religious and socio-economic backgrounds through satellite TV and social media

My School covers the syllabus of KG3 to Grade 3 in core subjects, Arabic, Maths, English, Science, French and currently goes live on Facebook three times a week for children to connect with the teacher for further support. Puzzle is a gameshow aiming to promote children’s rights through play and was created in partnership with local Lebanese NGOs, Right to Play and Humanship, who continue to create the games and facilitate the show.

Episodes from these flagship education and child rights programs, together with links to programs with storytelling-segments to stimulate creative thinking and imagination and arts and crafts will also be part of the package and supported by online worksheets.

“In today’s troubled Middle East, anxiety about COVID-19 is adding to the existing pain of millions already living in poverty, in conflict zones and in refugee and displacement camps.  It is my prayer that this will be a time when we will all work together to share resources and share hope”, added Ms El-Mounayer.

To preview some of  SAT-7 ACADEMY’s programs please click here.

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