When Greece’s largest migrant camp burned down on 9 September, Afghan and Iranian Christians who were living in the camp used their own meagre funds to buy and distribute emergency provisions. Their story is told on Secret of Life, a program shown on SAT-7 PARS, which also led Afghan viewers in prayer for those affected.

Yaser, an Afghan Christian who regularly visited the Moria camp on the island of Lesbos, tells Secret of Life how new believers prepared and took food to those they knew before a full-scale United Nations program was in place.

“Dear friends who are new believers, who had come to faith in the camp, were doing this ministry,” Yaser tells Pastor Shoaib, the presenter of the Dari-language show. “They were using their own money – the little aid money they were receiving from the [Greek] government – to help in this way. Thank God for the heart that He has given them.”

Yaser comments on how the camp’s destruction means that living conditions for Moria’s 13,000 refugees and migrants have become even harder – at the time of broadcast, most were sleeping in the open. But he adds that, “With the Lord in their hearts, the Christians have more peace than others.”

An estimated 70 percent of the Moria residents are Afghans, and Shoaib leads their fellow Afghan viewers of his Dari-language program in praying for them. In the show’s Bible teaching segment, he explains that the sacrificial giving by the new believers from the Moria camp exemplifies Jesus’ teaching that His followers are to be the “salt of the earth” and “light of the world”.

Secret of Life is a weekly live program for Afghan viewers, produced by SAT-7 media partner Pamir Ministries. Recent episodes have also highlighted issues of racism and discrimination as well as Afghanistan’s latest peace talks. As the first government peace talks with the Taliban in 19 years began recently, the latest episode voices the hopes of Afghan Christians for the process.

“The reaction among us who are followers of Jesus Christ is that we are always advocates for peace and tranquillity,” says Pastor Shoaib. “We hope that as a result of these negotiations there will be a ceasefire and that all Afghans will have the right to freely choose their belief or religion – that every Afghan will be able to choose their own belief, faith, or way of life.”


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