Recently, SAT-7 PARS’ children’s program, A Girl’s World, asked children to share their hopes and dreams in pictures.

“I dream about a world with happiness for kids and their parents, a world without war, hunger, and without any fears for all children,” one young girl wrote next to her hand-drawn picture.

Parastoo Poortaheri, Presenter of A Girl’s World, expressed how inspired she was by seeing what children are dreaming about.

A young viewer affected by the recent earthquake in Iran said her dream is for her house to be rebuilt. In Tehran, where air pollution is an issue, some children dreamed of a world with clean air and access to nature. Another young viewer from Iran drew a picture of a church, wishing that it would be possible for her and her family to worship openly.

The children’s paintings reflect the specific issues they are currently facing and the dreams that they have as a result. Many children also focused on global issues and hoped for a united world and world without war and poverty. The paintings show what is important to the children watching SAT-7 PARS.


The topic of this particular episode of A Girl’s World was the role of television and media in children’s lives, highlighting International Children’s Day of Broadcasting on 4 March.

“Children spend a lot of time watching television, so it is important that the programs they watch are positive and relevant to them,” Parastoo Poortaheri explains. “We want to discuss with the kids how they can choose programs that are suitable for them and also ask them what they want to see on television and on our programs.”

The children will get a chance to talk about the personal issues they are facing and topics they want to be discussed. This interaction between the channel and children viewers ensures programming remains relevant and engaging.

“We want children to know they are valued. We always work hard to produce relevant and positive programs that will inspire and encourage kids.”

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