Praise Factory, a new SAT-7 KIDS program, teaches the importance of spending time worshipping God.

The show’s factory-set features tools and industrial uniforms to help reinforce the message that children can praise God wherever they are and whatever they are going through. In this way, children will learn that God is with them everywhere, not just when they are at church.

Producer Mounir Zakhary explains why he feels praising God is so important. “Praise is a treatment for everything in our lives,” he says. “Whether we are sad, confused, tired, doubtful or dealing with problems, praise treats it all.”

Praise Factory includes drama and worship music in two segments, one live and the other pre-recorded. Throughout the program, children sing and learn hymns and songs. Each episode also features a band or choir from a different church, singing their songs of praise.

The live segment is presented by four young adults whose ages range between 18 and 24. They wear industrial clothing, such as overalls, to show that they work at the “praise factory”.

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