Thousands of children around the world united in prayer on Friday 11 November 2016 for Egypt. SAT-7 KIDS filmed a gathering of around 200 children in the Franciscan Monastery in Mokattam. The children gathered to pray for their country’s security and better economic conditions.

The Children Prayer Ministry and presenters of SAT-7 KIDS program With Jesus called for the children’s prayer day.

“We had been preparing for this event for over two months. We made calls and sent out invitations to churches, schools, and day-care centres to ask that children join us in prayer for the country. We believe that God answers children’s prayers. Their prayers are powerful and can protect the country,” Melad Awad, founder of The Children Prayer Ministry.


The children’s prayer day on Friday 11 November coincides with calls for mass protests on the same day by some Egyptians to rally against the current unfavourable economic conditions and rising prices. Despite the fear of the protests, many children still came to the Franciscan Monastery to join in prayer for the country.

“We didn’t gather all the children in the Franciscan Monastery in Mokattam as it is logistically impossible but, over 20 day-care centres, schools, churches and even children at home united with us in prayer at the same time. We provided them with a set schedule and specific praise songs so we could all pray for the same cause together across different places,”


The Children Prayer Ministry called for the event using phone calls and social media. They used the hashtag “#Egypt children pray for Egypt” and spread it out even to Egyptian children living abroad. With the help of Every Generation Ministry in Egypt and other associations, they spread awareness of the children’s day of prayer.

“We received phone calls from children living with their families in Arab countries, Europe, and the USA asking to unite with us in prayer for Egypt. It became a worldwide event. We believe in the power of children’s prayer, and we have faith that we will see God’s wonders soon,” Awad says.

Other teams that joined in prayer across Egypt include: Heart of Jesus team in Minya governorate, The Shepherd in Shoubra district, A New Song team in Alexandria county, and 20 Salvation Souls Society branches joined in prayer also.


“We chose the date in commemoration of the time when all the churches of Egypt gathered in Mokattam on 11 November 2011 to pray for Egypt. This day was very special, and many miracles happened that night, and God protected Egypt because of the prayers on that night. We prayed before the children’s prayer event because we were worried that the children might not show up for fear of protests and violence in the streets but nothing happened, and many children came to pray with us,” Awad says.

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