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Engaging Children & Youth

SAT-7 wants to see the next generation of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) equipped spiritually, mentally and physically to become agents of positive change in their societies. Our programs for children and young people provide a safe space where they can forget their troubles and learn of God’s love for them, while also developing important life skills. We offer hope in the face of growing disillusionment, enabling children and youth to realise their potential and transform their communities.

In faith

SAT-7 gives children and young people opportunities to hear and respond to the Good News, and helps them to grow in their faith through dedicated programming and social media broadcasts.

in family life

SAT-7 equips parents with the skills and knowledge they need to provide a nurturing environment for their children and, together, build a strong family based on biblical values.

in community change

SAT-7 encourages children and young people to become competent and confident agents of positive change in their local communities and wider societies.

Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7 CEO

“Many of the children in this region are suffering from wars, from famine, and live in insecurity. With the programs that we produce in SAT-7 for children and youth, we try to tell this new generation that there is always hope and that this hope is in Jesus Christ.”

Commitment to the next generation

SAT-7 is committed to meeting the next generation where they already are, whether this is in front of the television screen, a computer, or a phone. Covering a broad range of concepts, topics, and styles, SAT-7 produces eye-catching and engaging content for young people and children in three languages on four TV channels, as well as on streaming service SAT-7 PLUS and social media platforms.

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