SAT-7 will be saying farewell to two key international leaders this year: Chief Operations Officer (COO) Andrew Hart and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Irén Frändå are both stepping down from their SAT-7 roles in June and October respectively.

Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart is to become Chief Executive Officer of PAK7 – a new Christian Television ministry for Pakistan modelled on SAT-7. Irén Frändå has begun exploring new opportunities where she can continue to transform and develop ministries who need and can benefit from her extensive experience and expertise.


Founder and CEO Dr Terence Ascott commends their service:

“Andrew and Irén have both contributed tirelessly to SAT-7 for many years. They will be missed but we wish them every success as they embark on their new ventures.

Irén Frändå

Their vacant positions will need to be filled with competent people to ensure that we are building a leadership team best placed to support our mission and vision for the coming years. So, lots of change – but change full of promise for an exciting new season of organisational and ministry growth!”


The COO post has attracted a large number of applications and the recruitment process is underway. The CFO position will be advertised this coming week on the international website. HR Director Olga Messios comments:

“We are truly grateful to Andrew and Irén for their example of leadership. They leave behind them strong talented teams which they have greatly invested in, who are well-equipped to support the transition to new leadership. We are excited by the interest and applications we have received thus far – it is very encouraging to see how many qualified individuals have a desire to be a part of our ministry.”

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