The SAT-7 PARS team recently celebrated the first anniversary of the weekly live show A Girl’s World. Many Persian speaking girls across the Middle East were also celebrating because they have finally found an engaging and relatable television show created especially for them.

Just one year ago the SAT-7 PARS team had the vision to empower young Persian speaking girls through a new program. That idea is now a reality – and a success. The live interactive show, A Girl’s World, is pioneering new ground as a Persian program explicitly focused on young girls, discussing ‘taboo’ issues that many girls find difficult or impossible talk about with their friends or family.


In Iran and Afghanistan, women face a high level of gender discrimination, societal constraints and pressures. This starts at an early age and often young girls have no-one they can confide in to discuss the issues they are facing. However, A Girl’s World is willing to tackle challenging subjects such as loneliness, rejection, sexual abuse, and insecurities about body image.

Viewers can even call the show anonymously and ask for advice. Presenter Parastoo Poortaheri speaks from a Christian understanding and perspective, empowering young girls with the truth that they are valued and loved by God. For girls living in a culture where they are often overlooked or devalued, this message can truly be life-changing.

Presenter Parastoo Poortaheri with Producer Petros Mohesni

A Girl’s World proved successful from the start, with many young girls engaging with the show. Over the past year, Parastoo and the SAT-7 PARS Audience Relations team have been available to encourage many girls and build positive relationships with regular viewers. For the special one-year anniversary show, Parastoo asked viewers for their feedback on the show. She said: 

“So many girls responded to say they watch this program and they love it and are so happy about it. They say they have never seen such a program, just for girls. So, they are happy and don’t want it to stop.”

The responses give just a small glimpse into the significant positive impact that A Girl’s World is having across the Middle East:

“I have learned a lot from A Girl’s World, from the topics discussed. The psychology part is very helpful. It is the best program I have watched over the past year. I want to thank your team for making this program.” – a young viewer from Iran


A Girl’s World had much cause for celebration on its one-year anniversary, but there is much more to come. Parastoo and the team are passionate about developing new engaging content. As A Girl’s World goes into its second season, it continues to lead the way in Persian television by sharing a unique message of hope and value for young girls. Our prayer is that many girls will continue to connect with this show and grow up strong in their identity as loved daughters of God.

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