SAT-7 PARS celebrates as it reaches its 10-year anniversary this month! On 18 December 2006, the Persian satellite television channel began broadcasting on a 24/7 schedule.

“Pars” is a Farsi word referring to Persian culture. Through SAT-7 PARS, Farsi-speaking Christians can share their faith and encourage their fellow believers. The message brought by the SAT-7 PARS programs is both life-giving and life-saving, and for many of the Christians living in Iran, who are isolated and have no traditional church to attend, SAT-7 PARS serves as their church.

More than 60 percent of Iran’s 81 million-strong population are under thirty, and many of these young people are so dissatisfied with their society that they turn to drugs or even suicide. Many individuals in these repressive and censored communities view life as bleak and hopeless. SAT-7 PARS offers new hope to those struggling, by bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ, through their television screens.


Though now well established with over 2 million viewers, SAT-7 PARS began humbly with minimal resources. Launched under the name of Iranian Christian Broadcasting (ICB) in 2002, a modest single hour of programming was broadcast weekly on the SAT-7 ARABIC channel.

“SAT-7 PARS started with an uphill struggle, but it endured,” says Rita Elmounayer, Chief Channels Officer.

“With God’s blessing, we now receive testimonies daily; Iranian viewers are expressing how their lives are transformed through the messages of our programs.”

“God bless you all at SAT-7 PARS. May His grace and blessing be upon you. You are our only encouragement in this dark world. You spread the pleasant aroma of God to many hearts. I really hope that the connection between you and us will always continue through the good programs you broadcast so that we can continue being encouraged and grow in our faith.”
–Somayeh* from Iran


In 2006 SAT-7 invited ICB to join with it instead of continuing as a separate ministry. On 18 December 2006 the ICB was launched as SAT-7 PARS and the channel began broadcasting 24/7. Dedicated to promoting discipleship and investing in its viewers’ lives, SAT-7 PARS remained on an upward course, and by 2011 the channel managed to double its viewer response from Iran.

Much has changed since SAT-7 PARS began, Programing continues to be adapted to meet the needs of its audience and remain relevant to its Farsi-speaking audience.

“We have big dreams and plans ahead of us,” says SAT-7 PARS’ Senior Manager Panayiotis Keenan, “with new live programs aimed towards our young audience, more programs for women and youth and the first Farsi Christian program designed for young women beginning this month.”

The Audience Relations Department of SAT-7 PARS continues to receive so many testimonies from viewers, on a daily basis, sharing how they came to know Christ through the channel’s programs.

“We are here for them and pray that God will continue equipping us at SAT-7 PARS to keep sharing His love and the Good News of the gospel with the Farsi-speaking world,” says Panayiotis.

“Thank you SAT-7 PARS. God bless all of you. I have been following your programs for many years. I am so grateful that I have been rescued from all the darkness I was living in, and through your programs, I can be taught the Word of God.”
–Isaiah* from Iran.


If you are moved by the incredible work God is doing through SAT-7 PARS, we invite you to support SAT-7 PARS, so it may continue to impact the lives of millions of Farsi-speaking Christians.


*names changed

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