While SAT-7’s main audience is Middle Easterners living in the Middle East, a growing diaspora in Europe are also benefitting from the ministry – and sharing it with others. Eli*, a Turkish-born Christian and ethnic-goods supermarket owner, living in London, has been growing in his faith with the help of SAT-7.

When Eli first heard about SAT-7 TÜRK, he felt God was guiding him. “The Lord said to me, ‘Buy a TV and watch that Christian channel!’” Since then Eli has not only become a regular viewer but also encourages other Turkish-speakers to tune in.


Born and raised in Turkey, Eli comes from a non-religious background and moved to London with his parents in his late teens. He is now married and owns a business, running an ethnic-goods supermarket. Despite all his personal and commercial successes, Eli always felt there was something missing.

In 2013, he met a Turkish pastor who turned his world upside down by giving him a copy of the New Testament. “From the moment I started reading it, my life was changed,” Eli said. “The New Testament was the best gift I ever received.”

“I have a Bible under the till at the shop and read it when I have free time. I want to improve my friendship with God continuously.”


Eli began attending Pastor Emre’s church and was baptised. He has since immersed himself in Christian literature and become very involved in his church. He has even made trips to Istanbul to connect with churches there.

“In April, I was at Aya Yorgi Church, where people come from all over Turkey and Europe to meet. We distributed over 3,000 Bibles in a single day and prayed for many people. It was one of the happiest days of my life.”


It was Pastor Emre who introduced Eli to SAT-7 TÜRK. Now, Eli watches the channel with his wife at home as well as at his shop, where it can also benefit his customers. “I watch Bible study programs and Christian movies. All the programs help me grow in my faith.”

So far, Eli has told more than 50 people about SAT-7 TÜRK and knows that at least 20 of them are now regular viewers. “I like to meet new brothers and sisters from different churches,” Eli explained. “This is God’s plan. That is why I am so happy to help where I can. I had nothing before I came to Christ. Now I have everything.”


Do you know any Arabic, Farsi or Turkish speakers you could introduce SAT-7 to? You can order a leaflet that explains how to watch the different SAT-7 channels. Email: web@sat7.org

*name changed for security purposes

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