Building a brighter future for girl children and young women

“We want to target the ‘everywoman’ – those who are somehow entrapped and confined,” says Maggie Morgan, producer and director of SAT-7’s new live program Today not Tomorrow, which will be broadcast on SAT-7 ARABIC this month.

Maggie Morgan, lead of the Gender and ForB project

“Whether confinement is literal, for those living in small villages, in their families’ homes, who have limited freedom of movement, or whether it is psychological, this is a program that tells people who are trapped that others like them have managed to make tangible changes and choices,” said Ms Morgan.

In a region where the number of child marriages has surged, girls are denied access to education, and their rights to make their own choices continue to be eroded, women-led protests in Iran against strict dress codes are continuing. SAT-7 is committed to providing the space and opportunity, through satellite and online programs, for women to make their own choices, and to paving the way for girl children to have a future grounded in faith and freedom.

“Throughout history, achieving freedom has always come at a cost,” said Sally Momtazi, presenter of Insiders, our live Persian women’s program, which covered the subject of the mandatory hijab and the resistance of women in Iran as the protests intensified. “Our hope is that the Lord is with each one of us on this journey so that everyone can have the right to choose. This is the most basic of rights that a person can have.”

“It is women who raise the children, and if they are not allowed to thrive socially, spiritually, culturally, and financially, then our region can never flourish,” said SAT-7 CEO Ms. Rita El-Mounayer. Watch her full vlog below.

Today marks 10 years since the UN initiated The International Day of the Girl Child to draw the world’s attention to the plight of girl children around the world. Please pray for the girl children of the region – for their freedom to choose their own futures safely and without persecution.

Today not Tomorrow is part of a five-year Gender and FoRB project supported by the Norwegian Government (NORAD) through DIGNI/NMS.

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