Parastoo Poortaheri, from Iran, is the Presenter of SAT-7 PARS’ weekly children’s program A Girl’s World. Here, she shares how she wants to use this platform to bring hope to the next generation of Persian girls.

All the girls watching A Girl’s World are like my own children – we have a special connection and bond, even though it’s not face-to-face.

Parastoo Poortaheri

I do feel somewhat like a spiritual mother to these children; I’m giving them everyday advice, listening to them, and encouraging them on the right path in life. I hope to be a positive influence in their lives as they grow up and find their identity as young women. Even some of the parents ask me for parenting advice, which surprises me! I am young and unmarried and without children, but it shows that they trust us (SAT-7) and value our opinion.


I am passionate about encouraging young girls to love themselves the way they are. We are all unique – each of us has a different purpose on this earth. However, it takes time for young girls to realise this truth and love themselves. Of course, they will know this when they understand how much God loves them and their identity as God’s daughters.


In the Middle East, women’s voices and opinions can often be ignored. However, women in the Bible also lived in an unequal society but they were still powerfully used by God, and part of changing history. We tell the stories of these inspiring women from the Bible to encourage our young viewers.

I want young Persian girls to know that they can do big things – even if they grow up in a part of the world where women have less rights. I want them to know they can be successful, they can make their dreams a reality, and they can change the world!

Programs like A Girl’s World help girls growing up in the Middle East and North Africa know their value and identity according to God’s Word. When you support SAT-7, you help us continue to give hope to the next generation.

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