Drug addiction is a huge problem in the Farsi-speaking world. Opium produced in Afghanistan accounts for more than 90 percent of heroin worldwide.

In Iran, just across Afghanistan’s western border, the interior minister has stated that six million Iranians are affected by problems related to drug addiction.

SAT-7 PARS is addressing this issue head-on in its new show, The Sound of Hope, which began airing at the end of September. Rev Miltan Danil, an Iranian Pastor who is a recovered drug addict, presents the live program and says it is a great asset to the channel.

“In the program we present facts and research about drug abuse, and hear from experts. Having The Sound of Hope in live format gives us direct communication with our viewers. We want to hear from them, to know what they are experiencing today.”


Producer Hani Washian says, “We want to give people the freedom to speak on air. It is essential that our audience be involved and hear from one another. This makes the program impactful.”

“In my experience, challenging discussion draws listeners out and makes them willing to participate. If you only present issues in a teaching format, viewers become more passive and just focus on listening,” Pastor Danil adds.


It was Pastor Danil’s wife who suggested that the program be named The Sound of Hope.

“We cannot live without hope,” says the pastor. “If we lose what we depend on to give us hope, we look to find another source of comfort wherever we can. My passion is to help those who have experienced addiction find, real hope.”

“We need to make a sound: be a voice for the voiceless, help the hopeless find hope. I want to see people who are bound by addiction put their hope in Jesus, to see them healed and set free.”

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