In the wake of the 2016 Paralympics, SAT-7 TÜRK is continuing to inspire and change perspectives on disability through the program Obstacle Overcomers.

By equipping people with a platform to countercultural stereotypes and discrimination, the program aims to inform, educate, and change negative perceptions of disability.

“Viewers have to see the world through their eyes,” says Presenter Merve Alışır.


Genetic disorders, physical impairments, and mental illness remain controversial and taboo subjects in Turkey. Alışır interviews many individuals with different disabilities throughout the 13-episode series, asking how they “overcome their obstacles” in their daily lives.

“Some people do volunteer in disabled facilities, helping with teaching and caring. It’s just part of your conscience and humanity. But most people here [in Turkey] ignore disability altogether,” says Alışır.


“Each of them has a heroic story. Many people do not realise or value the opportunities they have and do not have goals. But every person I interviewed has the joy of life in their hearts.”

Programming Manager Cuneyt Arıkan hopes that the program will create awareness and encourage viewers to ask the right questions.

“People with disabilities are given benefits from the government but facilities from boroughs and councils are limited. We want to show provisions that should be in place to start making a change.”

Alışır adds that the program will also encourage individuals who care for family members and friends with different disabilities.

“We want to help people understand what their loved ones are going through and how they can assist in creating awareness. The change begins in the family and spreads to the community.”


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