Sereen* from Lebanon, whose daughter was tragically killed, shared her brave and powerful story on SAT-7 ARABIC programme Spiritual Evening. Presented by two well-known Lebanese figures with their own amazing stories of transformation, the show offers Christ’s hope to large audiences through testimonies and worship music.

“I am a mother of two children. I was a committed Christian, but I had no real relationship with Jesus,” Sereen shares. “In 2016, my 19-year-old daughter was killed in front of me by a stray bullet.”

The tragedy had a devastating effect on Sereen and her faith. “After the accident, I began to pray until I reached the point of suicide, asking God why He chose my daughter to be killed,” she says. “I went to a psychiatrist and started taking medication.”


*Name changed and image used for representation only

Miraculously, God intervened. Sereen’s friend invited her to a prayer meeting, where she heard a talk by Tony Franjieh – a well-known Lebanese Christian leader and presenter of Spiritual Evening. “I heard Tony Franjieh talking about grief and death, and God touched my soul with his words,” Sereen shares.

Tony has an incredible testimony himself, coming to Jesus after decades of drug and alcohol addiction. Now, he leads hundreds to Christ through the New Pentecostal Society, the organisation he founded. Many of these new Christians are now discovering SAT-7 for the first time as they watch Tony, along with famous Lebanese singer Bassema, on Spiritual Evening.


Three months after the prayer meeting, God spoke to Sereen in a dream. “I was babysitting three children – the man who killed my daughter has three children. I saw a strong light and the Holy Spirit touched me.”

When she awoke, Sereen’s heart had been transformed. “I called my lawyer and told her that I wanted to forgive my daughter’s murderer, and I forgave him. Now I remember my daughter’s name with joy and not with sadness.”


Well-known Lebanese Christian leader and evangelist Tony Franjieh presents Spiritual Evening on SAT-7 ARABIC

In brave, open testimonies like Sereen’s, studio guests on Spiritual Evening share how Christ has made miraculous changes in their lives, bringing hope and transformation to viewers of all backgrounds. The live show is clearly resonating with people’s hearts – it is already watched by around 45,000 viewers a month.

Guests come from diverse backgrounds, too, meaning audience members are likely to identify with at least one of the stories. “People from different religious backgrounds share their testimonies on the program, says Mirna Adaymi, Supervisor at SAT-7 ARABIC in Lebanon. “They are not afraid to share the stories of how the Lord has touched their lives.”

A guest shares his testimony with presenters Tony and Bassema on SAT-7 ARABIC show Spiritual Evening

Many viewers from a Christian background share that as they watched the testimonies, worship songs, and spiritual discussion, Jesus Christ revived their faith which they thought was dead.  “You made me dance like David,” one viewer shared. “I pray that all those who share their stories are blessed.”

As for presenter Tony, he can’t help but proclaim what Jesus has done in his life – and SAT-7 gives him the platform to do it. “If I spend my whole life telling about God’s love for me, it could never be enough,” he shares. “I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Jesus’ death on the cross.”


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