“With humility and love, with honest hearts, together we search – with the firm foundation that unites us in the spirit of Christ, for God’s glory and His united Church.” These beautiful words were part of a prayer introducing the new SAT-7 ARABIC program Revisions with Maher Fayez.

In this encouraging discussion show, well-known singer Maher Fayez helps viewers go back to the basics of Christian faith, encouraging authentic belief, openness, and unity.


The live show, which first aired on 30 November, helps Christian viewers answer the question, “What do we believe, and why?” It examines a variety of topics, presenting different viewpoints and encouraging believers to strengthen their own faith by examining God’s Word.

Sherif Wahba, the program’s Producer, explains:

“We want to help our viewers to better understand Christian language and to review their faith in the light of the Bible. We want to encourage them to examine thoughts and ideas for themselves.”

Fayez is the perfect Presenter to take viewers on this journey. Not only is he a beloved worship leader and theologian whose music has touched many hearts in the Middle East and North Africa – he has also been on his own prodigal journey of rediscovering faith.

Brought up in a Christian family, the young Fayez turned away from religion and vowed never to return to church. He made his name as a secular musician, but the glamorous, pleasure-seeking lifestyle was ultimately unfulfilling. After reconnecting with his father, who had continued to pray for him, Fayez committed his life to Christ and began a new life in Him.

The discussion show helps Christians go back to basics

Each episode of Revisions with Maher Fayez will include short reports from other Christian theologians, artists, and writers, as well as thoughts from ordinary believers. The 90-minute show ends with a worship session and prayer requests from viewers.

The first episode introduced the show and its aim of creating unity between Christians from different backgrounds. Fayez used Jesus’ dialogue with His accusers in Luke 15 as an example for how believers can relate to one another. The Presenter explained that when debating with the Pharisees, Jesus used theological language that they would understand and pointed out the good in their actions rather than simply attacking them.

The episode also presented the first discussion topic, which was “Who is eligible to teach in the church?” and took live calls from experts. As well as songs and prayer, the show included a recorded interview with “Adel”, who works at the famous Cave Church in Cairo, Egypt and gave his testimony of faith.


The show received several positive comments from viewers on social media. One wrote:

“We pray for the unity of the churches. Your humility, meekness, and avoiding of people’s acclaim make me feel that the Lord will be glorified in you as you help unite the churches, even though emperors tried and failed. May the Lord bless your service and give you joy in Jesus Christ.”

Another simply said, “What a great idea for a program to help unite us in Christ. May the Lord bless you Maher Fayez.”

Revisions with Maher Fayez will air every week on SAT-7 ARABIC. Click here to watch the first episode here.

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